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Massage and singing open my heart. That moment when limiting beliefs dissapear en you totally enter the here and now, that moment when universal energy and wisdom can flow freely and you experience your own Light, that is who we ‘are’ in the purest sense. When we dare to ‘be’ from our purest and most sincere self, personality becomes an extension of the inner being and the question ‘who am I?’ no longer occurs, because you 'are' the answer. How do we gain access tot this limitless Source of universal energy? In a fast world full of triggers it’s not an obvious straightforward path, but a fascinating journey of unlimited grow and creation. I gladly facilitate you in connecting to your purest self, so you can always reconnect during your daily life and create and manifest consciously.

I don’t beleive in the words “working on myself”. It implies we’re not “whole”. “Connecting to my inner Source” sounds like a better approach to me. This Source is whole, abundant and full of Love. We’re all humans looking for who we are and what we’re doing here. We all have our light and dark sides, all our own unique talents. When we connect to each other from our purest self, we can stimulate one another on this journey of limitless growth and expansion. I’d like to create space for connection and touch. I’m also working on ceremonies and workshops about authentic use of voice. More about this soon! So stay tuned!


After my performance study on the Herman Teirlinck Institute in Antwerp I made music and theatre and I worked as a drama teacher. Totally convinced that these were my only options in life. I bumped into obstacles. It didn’t work. It didn’t flow. It was not how I imagined it. I did my very best to make it work, without seeing that those obtacles didn’t exist outside myself, but deep into the core of my being. Until my body compelled me to go inwards. I was totally exhausted, everything hurt, I couldn’t eat anymore, couldn’t sleep anymore and was unable to do anything. I was angry at my body and even became scared of it. Because why didn’t it just cooperate with me? If I could just feel better, everything would be fine, isn’t it?

Now I’m incredbly grateful to my body for calling me back inwards and tansform the false beliefs I had about myself. It was a long healing proces where I rediscovered myself and connected to who I really am. Bodywork helped me enormously. I noticed that talking about problems kept me into problems. I noticed that rationalising what I felt just increased my need for control and kept me into a negative mindset. Bodywork braught me to much deeper level. 

A level of feeling. Our body is our most faithful and loyal advisor. The body is ALWAYS on your side! It carries you through this life, it’s always with you, it’s your most honest guide! From a deep gratitude and admiration for the intelligence and beauty of the human body, I started to massage. My conviction that music and theatre were my only options transformed into a whole new world of possibilities. I wish this to everybody and I consider it an honor to facilitate people in learning to understand the wisdom of the body.


Master in performance – Herman Teirlinck Institute, Antwerp

Teacher education – Artesis Hogeschool

Drama therapy – Artevelde Hogeschool

Cranio sacral therapy – Centrum voor avondonderwijs

Energetic anatomy, chakras and grounding – Kristien De Winter

Relaxation massage – Centrum voor avondonderwijs

Sound Healer Diploma - Harmonic Sounds Spain

The knowledge and wisdom of my father Wilfried Schiemsky, physiotherapist, osteopath and rehabiliation trainer. 

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