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The body tells a story. On a deep level I listen to the story of your body and I stimulate the self-healing power that flows through every body. Touch and deep relaxation is a delicious way to connect to this self-healing power that brings flow, consciousness and energy. My massages are very intuitive and include also cranio sacral therapy and energetic healing. 



Since the dawn of time, human beings have used sound to recieve information from their invironment, to communicate with each other, and to heal and transform. Sound is the creative, generative force which brought the Universe into being. Our moderne Western science provides the most convincing evidence of the power of sound to shape and transform matter, which is the basic of its healing potential. Sound healing brings, reset and flow in body & mind and on an energetic level. In the one on one sessions I mainly use singing bowls, tuning forks and my own voice.


Before the treatment I hold space for you to share whatever you’re facing at this moment in your life, so we can set a clear intention and I can focus even deeper on removing blockages and resistance.

FOR APPOINTMENT txt, mail, or send me a message on whatsapp

+32 476 36 41 90


massage 60’                                                       70 EUR

massage 90’                                                       90 EUR

massage + sound healing 90’                              95 EUR

massage + sound healing 120’                          125 EUR

therapeutic massage + sound healing 150'       150 EUR

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